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  • Do you take un-neutered dogs?
    We take puppies up to 6 months, after 6 months it is a requirement that the males are neutered as per our licensing agreement from Stockport council. Females are allowed one season and then three months afterwards before they are neutered, following vets advice.
  • Can I book my dog in different days each week?
    We only enroll dogs that require a set day/days each week. This is due to the fact we only take 10 dogs a day, our days get booked up with regular clients, we would be unable to guarantee a space each week if the day changes. However, we may be able to accommodate the odd different day for our regular clients so always check with us.
  • What age do you take dogs from?
    We take puppies from 12 weeks old or when they are fully vaccinated and have been cleared to go for a walk by their vet.
  • Do you offer a discount for multiple days?
    We only offer perks for dogs who require our services 5 days a week.
  • Do you do multiple dog discount?
    We don’t offer a discount for two dogs.
  • Do I drop my dog off and leave or do I stay to settle them in?
    On your dogs first day, the best thing is a quick drop off. It can be worrying for both owner and dog starting daycare for the first time, but our staff are on hand to reassure you both and help settle your puppy in. Its important that your dog gets use to our daycare setting and a prolonged drop off can confuse your dog. You can always ring us during the day to check how they are doing!
  • Does my dog need the kennel cough vaccination?
    Kennel cough is a highly contagious virus in the doggy world, much like a common cold for us , in most cases it will go away by itself. Fortunately there is a vaccination for kennel cough, however, there are many strains that even vaccinated dogs can still develop kennel cough. We advise that having the vaccination is best, however its always best to ask your vet for advise and understand that there is also the risk that your dog could still become infected even with a vaccination.
  • Can my dog come to daycare when they are in season?
    We do not accept your dog if they are in season. Dogs in season require a minimum of three weeks off daycare, or until they are cleared by their vet.
  • Do I bring my dog to the meet & greet?
    Yes, the meet and greet is for both you and your dog to explore our facilities and meet the team. It also gives us chance to see whether we think your dog would settle in a daycare environment.
  • What do I need to bring to daycare with my dog?
    Dogs must attend daycare with a collar or a harness, which they will wear during the day (as a requirement of DEFRA and Stockport council). Dogs will be walked on our daycare leads, but bringing their lead is always recommended for walking them across the car park. If your dog requires a feed during the day, please bring this in a container with the correct amount and their name clearly labeled. We provide bowls for the food.
  • Do you have a garden?
    Yes we have a fully enclosed sensory garden, which the dogs have access to at all times.
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